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Charting a path forward, honouring a rich legacy

From its early days as an amalgamation of credit unions in the Windsor-Essex region to its current vision of providing members across Ontario with competitive financial products and services, WFCU Credit Union has always been rooted in its mission to improve the lives of its members, staff, and the communities it operates in. Based on the co-operative values of the credit union model, WFCU’s Executive Team and Board of Directors lead the organization with the best interests of its members in mind, ensuring profits are re-invested into local communities to foster better places for members and staff to live, work, and play.

Who We Are

WFCU Credit Union has been recognized as a leading, progressive financial institution headquartered in Windsor and Essex County since 1940. Proudly serving Ontario residents, community organizations, small businesses, commercial entities, and public institutions for over 80 years, WFCU is the sixth largest credit union in Ontario, and twenty-first largest credit union in Canada.

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Executive Team

WFCU is proud to have a dedicated team of executives who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to their roles. Led by a commitment to excellence and innovation, our executive team is united in their mission to serve our members, staff, and communities with integrity and purpose. With diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, they collaborate seamlessly to chart the course for our organization’s continued growth and success.

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WFCU’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine Directors who are elected by their fellow members and serve as the stewards of the membership. Operating within a comprehensive, principles-based regulatory framework, they are accountable for overseeing, alongside Management, WFCU’s strategic direction and corporate governance, and ensuring the successful performance of the credit union.

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In Windsor-Essex, credit unions rose to popularity through the news media and automotive sectors, and in the early days, typically consisted of employee groups from specific companies. Over time, they realized the benefit of coming together to share ideas and support each other, eventually bringing their operations together to form larger financial institutions. WFCU operates today following the amalgamation of 16 credit unions.

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