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Leading with purpose

WFCU Credit Union is proud to have a dedicated team of executives who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to their roles. Led by a commitment to excellence and innovation, our executive team is united in their mission to serve our members, staff, and communities with integrity and purpose. With diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, they collaborate seamlessly to chart the course for our organization’s continued growth and success. Meet the faces behind our strategic decisions, and discover the individuals who are shaping the future of WFCU.

Photo of Eddie Francis

Eddie Francis

President & CEO

Photo of David Woodfull

David Woodfull

SVP, Commercial Services & Subsidiaries

Photo of Jakub Mamos

Jakub Mamos

SVP, Systems & Information Security

Photo of Kristina Savi Mascaro

Kristina Savi-Mascaro

SVP, Legal, Governance & Compliance

Profile photo of sheila geddes

Sheila Geddes

SVP, Human Resources

Photo of Susan Bezaire

Susan Bezaire

SVP, Operations

Photo of Tom Bell

Tom Bell

Senior Risk Officer

Photo of Alex Lalonde

Alex Lalonde

VP, Corporate Risk

Photo of Chris Malmberg

Chris Malmberg

VP, Corporate Solutions & Strategic Partnerships

Photo of Jeremy Nicholls

Jeremy Nicholls

VP, Fraud and AML Compliance

Photo of Remi Senecal

Remi Senecal

VP, Finance

Photo of Steve Deneau

Steve Deneau

VP, Credit Risk

Photo of Susan Stockwell

Susan Stockwell Andrews

VP, External Affairs & Corporate Secretary

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