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Propel your organization to new heights with WFCU

Our dedicated Commercial Services team acts as an extension of your business, helping to solve your unique financial challenges and ensuring your assets are working hard for you. Ranked among the top three commercial lenders in the Ontario credit union system by book size, WFCU partners with clients in the real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and retail sectors, among others. With over 80 years supporting businesses of all sizes in our communities and across Canada, WFCU Commercial Services is your trusted business finance partner.

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Term Loans

Whether you are looking to fund capital expenditures or operational costs, or require a term loan over an established period of time to support the growth of your business, we can provide loan options and terms that work for you.

Operating Lines of Credit

Access working capital whenever you require it with a commercial line of credit from WFCU. Whether your goal is to even out your cash flow or to have an accessible emergency fund, our lines of credit provide flexibility for your everyday business needs.

Commercial Mortgages

Our team of committed commercial account managers is devoted to establishing a collaborative partnership with you, and leveraging their expertise to structure financing solutions for your commercial property. We are dedicated to tailoring terms that align with your unique requirements, ensuring the most favourable and advantageous financial arrangement for your business.

Construction Financing

WFCU offers customized financing for developers and has been a key player in over $1B in funded construction commitments over the last 10 years. With a depth of experience in the market, our dedicated team develops solutions that meet the unique needs of our members.

Public Sector Services

Benefit from our dedicated and experienced team

WFCU Public Sector services provides full-service banking, electronic exchange of information, payroll processing, debt financing, payment services, and investment solutions for municipalities, utilities, schools, and other civic agencies across Ontario.

Through a consultative approach, we take the time to understand our members’ unique operational complexities and constraints. Through innovation, customization, and experience, we deliver products and services that help you keep more money in your taxpayers’ pockets.

We provide customized solutions and aggressive interest rates to maximize the return on operating, or savings accounts and fixed-term GIC investments with no risk to the principal balances. Our innovative solutions and value-added partnerships drive operational efficiencies, improve treasury functions, and deliver strong cash management services.

Town of TecumsehMunicipality

Tecumseh is proud to be a member of the WFCU Credit Union family for over 20 years. Their knowledge of municipal finances and their excellent customer service has made our decision to partner with them easy. We’re also pleased to be able to work with a local organization that meets our financial services needs, and understands the unique challenges and opportunities present in Tecumseh and the broader Windsor-Essex region.

Town of AmherstburgMunicipality

The Town of Amherstburg completed a smooth transition to WFCU Credit Union in early 2017. Since that time, we have not only gained from a financial perspective in the terms of higher return on term deposit and lower borrowing rates, we have gained a true local banking partner. The personal touch they bring to our account management and integration with our systems has helped us manage our day-to-day operations in positive ways. WFCU involvement in our community is also second to none as they are always helpful with community events and being a positive presence in the Town of Amherstburg.

St. Clair CollegeEducation Centre

Over the last 18 years, St. Clair College has built a strong banking relationship with WFCU Credit Union. They have become one of our key valued partners, and we appreciate WFCU’s ongoing commitment to giving back to our local community. They understand our operations and requirements as an educational institution and have proven their ability to deliver the products and services we require. From full-service banking, including payment and deposit services, comprehensive online banking capabilities, and competitive rates on investments, St. Clair College benefits from WFCU’s excellent customer service and the personal touch they can offer as our local financial institution.

Meet Our Team

Strategic partnerships, lasting prosperity

Introducing the dynamic team that fuels the success of our Commercial Services division at WFCU Credit Union. Our team is a diverse blend of professionals, each committed to navigating the intricate landscape of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our commercial members. With a wealth of experience in commercial lending, treasury management, and financial advisory services, our dedicated team is well-equipped to guide your enterprise toward increased prosperity.

Photo of David Woodfull - Commercial Services

David Woodfull

SVP, Commercial Services & Subsidiaries

Photo of Dan Mladenovic - Commercial Services

Dan Mladenovic

Director, Commercial Services

Photo of James Yule - Commercial Services

James Yool

Director, Commercial Services

Photo of Jason Illijanic - Commercial Services

Jason S. Ilijanic

Director, Commercial Services

Photo of Giovanni Gagliano - Commercial Services

Giovanni Gagliano

Commercial Account Manager

Photo of Lucas Di Stefano - Commercial Services

Lucas Di Stefano

Commercial Account Manager

Profile photo of pam seney - Commercial Services

Pam Seney

Commercial Account Manager

Photo of Sean O'Rourke - Commercial Services

Sean O'Rourke

Commercial Account Manager

Photo of Hawley Gibbs - Commercial Services

Hawley Gibbs

Manager, Commercial Services