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Personal Loans – Your key to financial freedom

Personal loans are often an essential part of achieving life’s major milestones and fulfilling your dreams. Whether you’re considering a new vehicle, furthering your education, or simply need some extra financial support, our loans are designed to make those dreams a reality. With competitive interest rates, flexible terms, no penalties for repayment, and dedicated member service, we’re proud to be a trusted partner along your financial journey. Explore our loan options and take the first step toward turning your aspirations into achievements today.

Personal Loans

Get credit for your ideas…and choose a payment schedule to suit your budget. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options allow you to match your payments to your pay schedule. Automatic transfers from your account or payroll deductions are convenient options to make repayment a breeze.

Whether you choose a fixed or variable interest rate, you’ll receive the best rate available based on the security provided. Extra payments can be made at any time without penalty and will reduce your interest costs.

Work with our lending team to choose the loan that provides the best interest rate and the most practical terms for you. Then, shop with confidence knowing the money is available to you when you are ready to launch your idea or new business initiative.

Our Personal Loans are also a great option for members considering their first major purchase.

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U.S. Dollar Loans

As part of our BorderFree Banking solutions, we offer an easy way to pay for larger purchases made in U.S. currency through our U.S. Dollar Loans. With a choice of fixed or variable interest rates with flexible repayment schedules, you can borrow and repay in U.S. funds and avoid fluctuating currency exchange rates. Approval is expeditious and hassle-free!
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RRSP Loans

Don’t have the funds available for this year’s RRSP contribution? No problem. We offer both one-year and two-year RRSP Loans at great rates, with no minimum amount required to borrow.

Our one-year RRSP Loan is a fixed loan available at Prime. Our two-year RRSP Loan offers a Prime + 1% fixed rate.

Need further piece of mind? Our RRSP Loans also offer the convenience of optional creditor’s life and disability insurance at competitive rates.

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Auto Loans

Whether you’re buying new, used, or looking to refinance, our Auto Loans have the features you’re looking for, including:

Terms up to 96 months
Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options
No early repayment penalty fees
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Vision Care Loans

At WFCU, we recognize the importance of vision health and the costs associated with laser eye surgery. We want to help you see 20/20, so we’ve introduced our Vision Care loan. With our quick approval process, you’ll be ready to book your vision correction surgery in no time.

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