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2-Year Mortgage


5-Year Mortgage

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Our dedication to your financial well-being reaches far beyond this exceptional rate.

With WFCU, you’re not just getting a mortgage – you’re entering into a partnership built on trust and support. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of homeownership, providing personalized guidance every step of the way. Beyond the numbers, we’re here to ensure that your home purchase becomes a positive and empowering experience, backed by a mortgage that suits your needs and aligns with your aspirations. Welcome to a mortgage that’s more than just a rate; it’s a foundation for your financial success.

25-year amortization

Insurance through CMHC or Sagen

Increase your payment by 10% each year, or repay up to 10% of the mortgage amount

Not available for refinancing or renewals

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 Whether you currently bank with WFCU or ECU, or with another financial institution, fill out the form and one of our mortgage professionals will start the process! Prefer to skip the form? Call 1 888 767 9535 or email
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Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Members with a down payment greater than 20% will benefit from the security of a fixed interest rate while enjoying flexible repayment options. Features include:

30-year amortization

Fixed rates on terms from 6 months up to 7 years

Interest rate guaranteed for 90 days when purchasing and for 120 days for home construction mortgages

Prepay up to 20% of the original mortgage balance on the anniversary date

Increase your payment amount by up to 20% each year on the anniversary date

Double up the regularly scheduled payment amount

When you sell your home, take your mortgage rate and term with you to your new property, or have the buyer assume your existing rate and term

Second mortgages at first mortgage interest rates, with sufficient equity

Mortgage elsewhere? Transfer it to us, and we’ll pay a portion of the legal and appraisal fees associated with the mortgage.

Cashback Mortgage

A Cashback Mortgage is an enticing option for homebuyers, providing a percentage of your mortgage amount as a cashback bonus, designed to help pay for furniture, redecorating, moving expenses, and more. Offering competitive interest rates and flexible terms, we want to support our members on their homeownership journey, while making the path to owning a home as financially accessible as possible.

Cashback Mortgage features include:

Get 3% cashback on a 3-year fixed term, 4% on a 4-year fixed term, or 5% on a 5- or 7-year fixed term

Minimum $80,000 new mortgage funds to be eligible for cashback

Maximum cashback amount of $7,500


Helping you achieve your home ownership goals

MortgagePlus HELOC

When you combine a mortgage with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), you gain access to additional funds at a low interest rate. This powerful combination not only offers financing for your initial home purchase but also opens the door to unlocking the untapped potential within your property.

Whether you’re planning renovations, expansion, or simply seeking financial flexibility, our MortgagePlus HELOC empowers you to seize opportunities and transform your residence into the haven you envision.

Borrow against the equity in your home and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being covered for both life’s opportunities and surprises.


The house you buy may not always be the home you envisioned, but with MortgagePlus Improvements, we can help make your new house your dream home. MortgagePlus Improvements is the perfect alternative to a secondary loan.

Offered at the same rate as our fixed-rate, 5-year mortgage, borrow more than the home purchase price for a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or a new backyard oasis! Enjoy the opportunity to do renovations now, increasing your home’s value and overall appeal.

Need Another Reason to Move Forward with a WFCU Mortgage?

The rate is only part of the story.

Through our Mortgage Advantage Program, qualifying members gain access to a world of exclusive member benefits that extend far beyond the numbers. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a competitive rate; you’re gaining access to a host of privileges reserved solely for our valued members. And the best part? These benefits stay with you as long as your mortgage journey continues with us. From personalized financial guidance and preferential rates on other products, to special offers and community events, your membership ensures you’re part of a supportive network that’s dedicated to your financial well-being. With a WFCU mortgage, you’re not just a borrower; you’re a member of a community committed to helping you thrive.

Daily Banking Discounts

Unlock significant savings on your daily banking activities with our exclusive offer tailored to our Diamond Chequing Account. For the first year, enjoy the convenience of a fee-free account, allowing you to manage your finances without the worry of service charges. Even after the initial year, you’ll continue to benefit with a generous 50% discount on service charges, making banking with us not only seamless but also cost-effective.

Automatic Line of Credit Approval

Simplify your financial journey with our streamlined process for securing a WFCU Line of Credit. Qualifying mortgage holders will enjoy the convenience of automatic approval, providing you with swift access to up to $10,000 in credit. What’s more, benefit from a 1.5% discount off the final calculated qualifying rate, ensuring that your borrowing comes with favourable terms.

No Renewal Fees

We believe in transparency and providing our valued customers with long-term financial benefits. That’s why we are committed to waiving mortgage renewal fees for the entire duration of your mortgage. This means you can enjoy the security and convenience of knowing that your financial commitment won’t be burdened by unexpected renewal charges.

Overdraft Protection

Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive Overdraft Protection feature. With automatic approval for up to $1,500 of coverage, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected expenses pushing your account into the red. This safety net ensures that your transactions are covered, preventing potential disruptions in your financial obligations.

Mortgage Health Check

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. We recognize the significance of this purchase and understand how complicated the decision-making process can sometimes be. Our mortgage specialists are here to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing, or looking for a new home, our mortgage solutions include better rates, prepayment options, same-day approvals, and the expertise to design a custom package that’s tailored to you. Contact us for a Mortgage Health Check today and we’ll ensure you’re set up for a successful and stress-free experience.

Mortgage ChecklistGet Started With Your Mortgage
*The mortgage rate offer is only available for applications received by June 30, 2024 on a 2 year fixed mortgage with an amortization of 25 years or less.  All mortgage applications are subject to additional restrictions and conditions, credit approval and must be funded within 120 days of the application date. This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time, without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers.
**The core special mortgage rate is only available to new WFCU mortgage holders for applications received between March 15 and May 31, 2024. All mortgage applications are subject to additional restrictions and conditions, credit approval, and must be funded within 120 days of the application date. This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time, without notice, and cannot be combined with any other offers.
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