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Merging visions, building futures

Credit Unions have a rich history in Canada, dating back to 1900 when Alphonse Desjardins opened the first caisse populaire (people’s bank) in Quebec. They grew rapidly, especially in Atlantic Canada, during the Great Depression, and by the early 1940s were being established across English Canada. Credit unions are credited with several innovations across the Canadian banking system, including being the first financial institutions to offer loans to women in their own names in the 1960s, the first to provide a fully functional online banking system, and the first to open mortgages and home equity lines of credit.

In Windsor-Essex, credit unions rose to popularity through groups representing diverse interests, such as media and culture, manufacturing, distilling, automotive, and education, among others. Over time, many groups started to see the benefit in coming together to share ideas and help each other, eventually bringing their operations together to form larger financial institutions.

WFCU Credit Union operates today following the amalgamation of 16 credit unions. A timeline of these credit unions and significant milestones is included below.


Harvey Credit Union Limited, the first credit union in Windsor-Essex, is formed by Reverend Harvey Wilbur and the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament Church.

1940 church basement


Motorco Employees Plant Two Credit Union Limited is formed providing service to the employees at Chrysler Canada’s engine plant

1941 Motorco Credit Union


Winlay Credit Union Limited was formed to provide payroll deduction services to the employees of L.A. Young Spring and Wire Limited, a motor lamp factory later bought out by Chrysler Canada.


Motorco Office Employees Credit Union Limited was formed by the salaried employees from Chrysler’s administration offices.

1944 Motorco Credit Union


Windsor District CNR Credit Union was formed to serve the employees of Canadian National Railway.

Toledo Scale Credit Union was formed for the employees of Toledo Scale – a leader in scales for the food, retail and automotive markets.


Standard Machines Credit Union served the employees of its factory. Other small machine shops joined which led to the name change of C.J. Watson Credit Union before its acquisition.

CJ Watson Credit Union


G.M.C. Employees Credit Union was formed to serve the employees and allies of General Motors.

Riverside Community Credit Union was formed as St. Rose De Lima Credit Union to serve the members of this parish.

1952 GMC Credit Union


Scherer Employees Credit Union was formed serving R.P. Scherer Limited employees and their families. This company once held a near international monopoly on soft gelatin capsules.


Education Credit Union was formed by Waterloo Region District School Board teachers, Ray Eaton and Gord Gamey, expanding to serve a membership base across Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

1972 ECU Credit Union


Winlay Credit Union merged with Motorco Two and Motorco Office to become Motorco Community Credit Union.

1979 Winlay Credit Union


Harvey Credit Union joined Motorco Community Credit Union.

1987 Motorco Lasalle


GMC Employees, Riverside Community, and C.J. Watson Credit Unions joined the fold and the entity comprised of seven credit unions was officially named Windsor Family Credit Union

At the end of its first fiscal year, Windsor Family Credit Union reported assets of $35M, service totals of $54M, operated four retail locations, and employed 41 staff.

1990 Windsor Family Credit Union


Motorco Truck Divisions Credit Union joins the fold.

1982 Motorco Credit Union Truck Division


Scherer Employees Credit Union becomes the ninth credit union to join Windsor Family.


Windsor District CNR Employees and Toledo Scale Employees join Windsor Family.

CNR Letterhead


Wybro Credit Union, which served the employees of pharmaceutical company Wyeth & Brothers, Inc. joins Windsor Family.


Windsor Family adopts a new strategic direction and launches a new logo and tagline, ‘Like a Bank, Only Better!’

Windsor Family expands its retail footprint for a total of nine branches across Windsor-Essex.

WFCU Credit Union Ad


Hiram Walker Employees’ Credit Union, serving the employees of the famous whisky distiller, merges with Windsor Family.

2012 Hiram Walker


Windsor Family undergoes a brand refresh to WFCU Credit Union.

WFCU Credit Union New Logo


Utilities Employees Credit Union becomes the 14th credit union to join WFCU.


Education Credit Union (ECU) joins WFCU, expanding WFCU’s reach and membership base across the Waterloo Region.

ECU Branch


Healthcare Credit Union in London becomes the 16th credit union to join the WFCU family.

Healthcare London logo on door
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wfcu mark



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