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Corporate Overview

WFCU Credit Union is a leading progressive financial institution headquartered in Windsor and Essex County since 1940. Proudly serving Ontario residents, community organizations, small businesses, commercial entities, and public institutions for over 84 years, WFCU is the sixth-largest credit union in Ontario, and twenty-first-largest credit union in Canada.

WFCU operates nine retail locations across Windsor-Essex, one in Chatham, one in London, and three in the Waterloo Region through ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union. WFCU also operates the digital entity, Omnia Direct. Through its variety of service channels, including online and mobile banking, live telephone banking, and ATM services, WFCU and its divisions have become the financial institution of choice for 73,000+ members across Ontario. Currently, WFCU ended its fourth quarter* with $5.2B in total assets.

*Numbers as at May 31, 2024

Membership Benefits

At WFCU Credit Union, we’ve built our business by taking care of our members. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products that are designed with the needs of our members in mind. Our business and community decisions are based on providing you with the best and broadest range of services that are conveniently accessible. As a member of WFCU, you can be proud to bank with a local institution that continually invests in the community where our members and employees live and work.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Banks are typically organized to serve two groups: their shareholders and their customers. These two groups are not necessarily the same. A bank’s focus is on increasing the return to its shareholders. At times, this may not benefit its customers. Credit unions serve only one group, as our shareholders and our customers are the same – our members. Therefore, WFCU must respond to the needs of its members in order to continue to operate successfully.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To provide services and a full range of financial products to make our community the best place to live and work.


Quality, convenience, innovation, open to everyone, and yours to own.



Our Board of Directors will represent the best interests of our members and ensure that corporate planning, policies, and strategic direction is in place to effectively promote the interests of our members.


We will continuously seek progressive and innovative methods to better serve our members and our communities.


We will conduct business of the organization with the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

Excellence of Service & Quality

We are dedicated to providing a level of quality service which will best assist our membership. All management and staff are committed to understanding our products and services and will conform to job requirements at all times.

Management & Staff

We will provide an atmosphere of co-operation allowing individual input towards the successful achievement of the strategic direction. Personal self-development, a willingness to adapt, and eagerness to learn will be of the highest importance.


We will adhere to high moral actions and will pledge to operate in a straightforward and principled manner.


Our members and service to our members are our highest priority. Striving to establish long-term relationships will ensure a member-focused organization.

Contributing to Positive Change

At WFCU, we know we have an important role to play within our communities when it comes to demonstrating leadership and responsible corporate citizenship. Both in the way we treat our staff and operate internally, and the impacts we have in our members’ lives and among the broader community, we value our role in contributing to positive and lasting societal change. 

As we look to develop more robust methods for reporting on our impact, we are committed to demonstrating the following environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles across our operations and through our partnerships.


Strike a balance between financial objectives and environmental considerations when adopting new products, technology and processes, and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at our properties and within the communities we serve.


Foster a safe and healthy workplace that is free from discrimination; exercise equity and diversity in our recruitment and advancement practices and among our external relationships; provide training that supports inclusive communities.


Demonstrate industry leadership in our governance principles to operate an ethical credit union with the highest professional standards of transparency, accountability, and democratic control.