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Payment Authorization Form

WFCU Credit Union has implemented enhanced procedures related to the handling of cash and cheque transactions, in support of regulatory requirements.

As part of these changes, WFCU retail staff will no longer be able to accept cheques payable to third party companies, or the CRA, as payment for your bills. In place of this practice, we have developed a simplified Payment Authorization Form that can be completed in your office, identifying the amount of the payment, and the bill that is meant to be paid. This form should be signed in accordance with the signing authority for your business and then presented by your staff member at a WFCU branch for payment. The bill remittance voucher should be included with the Payment Authorization Form to ensure the correct vendor is being credited.

Carbon copy Payment Authorization Forms are available for pick-up at your local branch. Business members can also print out the form, available at the link below, and bring it into any WFCU branch.

Instructions for using the WFCU Payment Authorization web form

  1. Complete all mandatory information on the form, including Member Name, Date, Debit information (branch, account #, account type) Credit information (payee name, payee account #, amount), and signature(s).
  2. Bring completed form to branch with bill remittance voucher.
  3. Branch staff will make a copy of the completed form and retain for WFCU record keeping.
Payment Authorization Form

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