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Lake Erie Country Club Butterfly Garden – Pollinator/Butterfly Garden

Kristy L.

Last year a group of neighbours got together to invest time to help the Monarch Butterfly have a garden to to multiply and grow. We each have a 10X10 plot where we added dirty along our marsh area and learned to Winter Sow some native plants and started planting slowly following the Sleep (2023 planting our seedlings), Creep (2024 Seeing what has come back and expanding on what we planted last year), Leap (2025 we look forward to see what another year will bring) We all have Milkweed along the banks of the marsh and various native plants to help the Monarchs make their long trip to Mexico. It has been a great community project and we have learned so much about the Monarchs and planting for our environment. We have paths and benches were everyone can sit and watch the many creatures visit our beautiful oasis.

175 Lake Erie Country Club Dr
Harrow, ON N0R1G0